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Our Credo

Our Credo

On the market meet offer and demand. With the introduction of internet for public use (Web 2.0) and the opening of countless consumer portals producers understand that they have to include consumers more and more into the development of products. Of course, market research does not result from internet. But because of the new speed of internet market research changes.

We from Glaxes have years of experience regarding media-competent and media-enhanced market research. We conduct modern market research, fair and clear. Fair, because we pay out the guaranteed allowances to our participants when they answer honest and complete to our surveys. Clear, because we operate transparent. We tell our users how much he/she will get for a survey and if he/she is suitable for this survey. Therefore, we invite only this part of users which we think is suitable.

Your opinion counts! Literally. As far as you achieve a minimum sum, we pay it out. Fast and unbueraucratic.

You are also welcome to tell us what you think about us. We are always keen in improving our service. Quick and easy per contact form. We try to answer every request.

If you have questions regarding the use of our website, write us at any time or look into or FAQ. You can get more information by reading our imprint or our privacy policy.

The whole Glaxes team hopes you have fun!