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We conduct reputable surveys and your opinion is worth real money. Fun is guaranteed because our clients are global players as well as hidden champions. Our users take an active part in examining products, designs, advertising strategies and even services. We attach importance to quality and therefore our research team advises every client with regard to survey conception.

Companies pay for your honest opinion. After registration with you will be invited to surveys regularly. Based on you profile, we send suitable surveys to you.

Voluntary, free and not binding use of Glaxes
Payment of credits is guaranteed
100% data protection because of https and German server
Low payment limits for credits

Glaxes online survey

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How it works

glaxes, how it works

Register with your e-mail-address, a secure password and some information about yourself. After that you can log in to your member account to see your balance. To register, you need only:

  • an e-mail-address✓
  • a secure password✓

To finish the registration successfully, we have to make sure that your e-mail-address is correct. Therefore we send an e-mail with confirmation link to this address. Now you are ready! Why not fill in the entry questionnaire right now and get your first credits? Here you see the rewards waiting for you:

Only a few days after registration you will get the first invitation-mails to our online surveys. To receive the compensation you have to fill in the survey completely and honestly. You read more details about compensations in the next step. If have deleted an e-mail accidentally or if you do not remember which surveys you have already answered you can log in to your account and inform about all relevant data. You can see which surveys are filled in completely and how many credits you have until now.
We're always at your side to answer questions. You can contact us at any time via your account.

For quicker answers take a look at our FAQ. There you find an answer to the most frequently asked questions.


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Glaxes fits all

glaxes research all around

Exciting enough not to be bored in the bus

…and to improve the holiday funds.

We admit, it may not work in a tunnel. There is presumably no internet access. Apart from this you can start immediately.

research all around

Well suited when the professor is late

Or when you need a break from studying.
Easy surveys blow away the cobwebs and bring a few coins into your wallet.

research all around

Waiting means unproductive time

…as long as you do nothing against it.

Whether the bus comes in 15 minutes or a friend is too late, Glaxes works always. Our surveys are designed for a maximum of 20 minutes. It is always better than looking senseless out of the window.

research all around

No! No! And No!

Never answer to a survey while driving a car!

Also don't It is proved that classical music delay the reaction time up to 2 seconds. We do not claim that we are more demanding than Bach, but we will require your attention. Therefore don’t Survey and Drive